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saturday 25th march



Country loaf 5.20

Seeded loaf 6.00

porridge loaf 5.30

Table loaf 5.60 /2.85

Old Kent red wholemeal 6.20

Walnut, Chicory+ Sunflower seed 6.70

(we are happy to cut any loaf in half for you)


Baguette  2.50

Montgomery Cheddar Demi-Baguette 2.40

Crusty Roll 1.00

Focaccia - Herb 2.50

Focaccia - Olive 3.00

Brioche 1.60

Chocolate Chip Brioche 1.90





ALMONd croissant 3.50

Cinnamon bun 3.00

Rhubarb + Frangipane 3.60

Cobnut + Chocolate Bun 3.50
Cheese + Marmite 3.50

Caramelised beetroot + Ragstone Buckwheat Galette 3.50


Hot Cross Bun 2.80

Amaretti 2.30 

Canelé 2.30

Tahini + Chocolate Cookie 2.30

Pumpkin + Brown Butter Cookie 2.30

CObnut Financier 2.30

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For collection at Squerryes

Saturday 9-11am

 Order by Wednesday Midnight

If you have missed the deadline contact us & we'll see if we can fulfil a late order.

Thank you.

You will receive a payment link within a few days to confirm your order!


Halstead Bakery

4 Hazel Cottage

Otford lane

Halstead, Kent

TN14 7ED

07816 - 682 - 908


If you would like to place an order, please head to our ordering page and use the form.


For any other queries, feel free to give us a ring or email!

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