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Saturday 17th June



Country loaf 5.30

Seeded loaf 6.20

porridge loaf 5.50

Emmer Table loaf 5.60 /2.85

Old Kent red wholemeal 6.20

Cider, Wheatberry & Rye 5.60

(we are happy to cut any loaf in half for you)

Baguette  2.60

Montgomery Cheddar Demi-Baguette 2.50

Crusty Roll 1.10

Olive FOUGASSE 3.00

Brioche 1.70

Chocolate Chip Brioche 1.90





ALMONd croissant 3.60

Cinnamon bun 3.00

Strawberry compote + ELderflower Bun 3.60

Lincolnshire POacher Croissant 3.50

Apple, Toffee and Buckwheat tart 3.50

Amaretti 2.30 

Canelé 2.3

Salted Caramel, Chocolate + Emmer Shortbread 3.20

Chocolate chip + olive oil Cookie 2.30

Apricot Financier 2.30

Place your order here

For collection at the bakery, Halstead

Saturday from 8am

Order by Wednesday midnight

If you have missed the deadline contact us & we'll see if we can fulfil a late order. PLEASE INFORM US IF YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIES.

Thank you.

You will receive a payment link within a few days to confirm your order!


Halstead Bakery

4 Hazel Cottage

Otford lane

Halstead, Kent

TN14 7ED

07816 - 682 - 908


If you would like to place an order, please head to our ordering page and use the form.


For any other queries, feel free to give us a ring or email!

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